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Anniversary Gift

Ceramic Dress: Unique 8th Wedding Anniversary Gift

By October 8, 2021No Comments

You’ve probably heard the age-old tradition of gifting certain materials for each wedding anniversary.

The idea is that these anniversary gifts start out simple, but as the years go on the substance and significance increase. This is just like marriage, which grows stronger and stronger with each passing year!

The traditional 8th wedding anniversary gift is bronze or pottery.

Bronze is formed by combining copper and tin. This is meant to symbolize how two individuals come together as one and become stronger together.

Pottery is made from soft clay that molds together to form a strong, solid foundation. This is symbolic of marriage in that it is molded over time to form something strong and beautiful.

As couples approach their 8th year in marriage, it makes sense that bronze or pottery are the gift themes, given that both of these things represent the strength of a couples’ love!

What if there was a gift that could represent this theme while also serving as a special memento?

Luckily, The Ceramic Bride has the perfect option!

A Creative Pottery Gift

For someone that wants to stick to the traditional theme, The Ceramic Bride has it covered! Our clay replicas follow the pottery theme while also adding a unique twist.

Gifting a Ceramic Bride piece will take it a step further. Rather than gifting a random piece of pottery, The Ceramic Bride will provide a special ceramic replica of the bride’s gown!

Not only will this be the perfect traditional 8th anniversary gift, but it will also serve as a precious memento of the wedding day.