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The Gown That Started It All: 90-Year-Old Bride Receives Ceramic Dress

By August 24, 2021No Comments

How do you commemorate a wedding dress that has been in a family for decades and included in milestones for over half a century? That dress is more than an article of clothing, it is a symbol of family and love.

This dress, worn by three generations of women, became an heirloom and was clearly of special significance to this family. They wanted a way to preserve this dress to give as a gift to the original, now 90-year-old bride for her birthday.

The family contacted The Ceramic Bride for a custom clay replica of their iconic family dress.

Once the replica was complete, it was presented to the original bride as a 90th birthday gift!

Thanks to the artists at The Ceramic Bride, this family was able to turn their beautiful wedding gown into art that will last forever.

Perhaps this ceramic replica will become the next family heirloom!

90-Year-Old Bride Dress Replica

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